Goals & Objectives

In Islam, the objective of education is to prepare individuals to be guided and governed by the spiritual and ethical values of Islam which would then have a positive effect on their actions, decisions and approach in life. Our goal is to instill Islamic values during the developing years when Islamic education is in greater need to counter the ills of society. This is even more critical for young developing minds. It is essential to provide a rich stimulating environment for the general development of our children. This includes physical, mental, social and emotional activities to mould and develop their minds, character and attitude in accordance with Islam. At the same time we are providing opportunities for parents who are willing to educate their children in an Islamic environment. To ensure this we:

  • Instill an awareness of Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala, accepting and loving our Prophet Mohammad sallallahu alaihi wa sallam
  • Create a learning environment that reflects an Islamic ideology
  • Proactive style of learning that promotes an effective partnership between teachers, students and parents
  • Nurture their personalities towards the best moral and social conduct, healthy attitudes and self-discipline. Children learn not only from classroom instruction but also from the behavior and actions of the adults around them. Our qualified teachers are also observant Muslims who serve as good role models.